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Are you open on holidays?

Yes! we’re open every single night including all holidays.

It’s raining today, will you be closed?

We’re open rain or shine! If it is raining, the water droplets on the lights actually give our displays an extra sparkle.  Head on out for a visit no matter what the weather is like!

Where can I buy tickets to see the displays?

Tickets cannot be purchased online but you can buy them at the entry gate when you arrive at the ranch.

How do I get to the ranch?

Coming from the Austin/San Marcos area, you will take exit 199 and stay on the access road for a little over 1 mile. Coming from San Antonio/New Braunfels, you will take exit 199, take the turnaround, and come back southbound on the access road for a little over 1 mile.

Can i get out of my vehicle and walk around?

No! For safety purposes you MUST stay in your vehicle at all times!

Will my car be able to drive through the ranch?

Yes! We have well-maintained gravel roads at the ranch. Your vehicle should be able to make it through without any worries.

How can I upgrade my tickets?

You can purchase your tickets or season pass at the entry gate. You can also upgrade your tickets on your way out of the ranch. Drive through our concession stand as you leave for the upgrade. Just make sure to ask us about it because once you leave the ranch, you’ll have to buy another ticket or a season pass at full-price to see the displays again.

Will my car fit through the park?

All vehicles that are under 8 ft. in height and shorter than 30 ft. in length will make our drive just fine!

What form of payment should I bring to buy a ticket or season pass?

You can bring any form of payment that works for you. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

How much are concessions?

Concession prices are on a printed menu and handed to you as you enter the park. You can feel free to grab a bag of kettle corn, a cup of hot cocoa, or anything else to make your visit here complete!

Will there be a live Santa there?

We do not have a live Santa but we do have animated displays throughout the park.

Where can I find a restroom while I’m there?

We have restrooms at the entry and also at the exit of the park. You can use them before and after you see the displays.

What happens if you close while I’m still in line?

If you are outside the gate and in line, you will be allowed to enter and complete your tour even if it is after closing time.

Where can I park?

We do NOT have parking on site. Please remember that you can’t combine vehicles once you get here. Every vehicle that enters our gate must pay and make the park tour.

Maximum vehicle height 8ft, and length 30ft.

No Trailers, Buses, Limos, or RVs please.

find us at Santa's Ranch


Nov 2nd 2018
Dec 30th 2018

Sun-Thurs  6pm-10pm
Fri-Sat  6pm-11pm


9561 I-35 North
New Braunfels,
TX 78130

Just look for the 50' Christmas tree!


$28 + Tax Per Vehicle
$56 + Tax Per Vehicle For A Season Pass